Über uns

SOLID 3D Engineering GmbH is located in Gelsenkirchen-Buer within the northern part of the German Ruhrregion. It was founded in April 2015 by Dr.-Ing. Liviu Toma and M.Sc. Markus Herrmann. Both founders and shareholders know each other since their studies and have more than 15 years professional experience in the field of industrial measurements and image processing.

From the beginning on the goal was  to develope own one software for  image processing, industrial measurment and robotics. Systems which are not only precise, but also highly flexible, affortable and customer friendly. Today SOLID 3D is providing customer specific solutions in prodution places world wide. According to the positive development of the company, the team of SOLID 3D continues to grow. Since end of 2016 the SOLID 3D team is complemented by three multi linugual project engineers, M.Sc. Alina Toma , M.Sc. Mihai Mocanu und B.Sc. Bogdan Chelu. In 2018, Dipl.-Ök. Michael May became third shareholder and is responsible for Business Development, Expansion and Finance.

The Team


Our Service: All from one source!

Development and installation of standardized and customer specific image processing systems for 3D position recognition and quality inspection

  • Multiple types of sensors including – Cameras, Lasertriangulation and „Time of Flight“ sensors
  • Position recognition 2D and 2 ½ D – Object position within a plane with and without orientation
  • Position recognition 3D – Object position +including the orientation with all 3 degree of feedom
  • Quality inspection – Inspection systems für completeness checks, presence monitoring, defect inspection, type recognition
  • Advisory service for the optimal setup of SOLID immage processing systems for customers task
  • Tailored hardware and software for customer specific demands
  • Software enhancements of our products for special tasks
  • Setup and installation of the SOLID image processing systems
  • Training of prefessional  use of your SOLID BV-Systems
  • Service and maintainance of your SOLID BV-Systemes

„SOLID-DVI“ Distributed Vision Intelligence

„The professional software environment for our image processing systems“

  • Scalable Client-Server architecture, ready for embedded devices,
  • no cabinet or industrial PC necessary,
  • Customer specific setup – all functionalities are available as plugins and can be provided on demand.

The complete solution for professional image processing

3D Image Processing

SOLDI DVI masters all common 3D image processing techniques. This ranges from Stereo 3D point measurements to 6D bundle adjustment. We also offer an integrated inline calibration procedure for high accuracy applications. This allows to measure within the ranges of  sub 0.1mm.

Smart Calibration

Smart calibration is a full automatic calibration method based on coded markers. It is not necessary to perform any tidius feature learning or accurate positioning for referencing. All markers will be detected automatically and encode all necessary information. The calibration can usually be performed within one second, which empowers our customers to even calibrate smaller and regular changes like temperature drifts.


SOLID DVI supports all common industrial field bus systems! By this advance we can grant a fast and seamless connection between the PLC and the vision system. All results, as well as control signals can be transferred via field bus systems.


SOLID DVI supports various types of sensor systems next to cameras. This way the customer can choose the optimal sensor or measurement principle for the given task. Supported sensors are cameras, laser stripe sensors, TOF (Time Of Flight) systems and many more. With SOLID DVI it is also possible to handle and evaluate 3D pointcloud images.


SOLID DVI is also capable to evaluate sensor data in realtime and is therefore also applicable for realtime navigation applications within automated guided vehicles (AGV's). This way it is for example possible to guide working platfroms savely and quick to the work object.


SOLID DVI includes numerous common detection algorithms which are suitable for multiple inspection tasks. Further it is possible to employ 3rd Party machine vision libraries for special challaging tasks. The detailed protocollation helps you to keep the overview about production quality outlier rates and many other indicators

If it's about quality and precision:

Since the year 2002 we are not only providing professional measurement services within the body shop, but also complex 3D measurement concepts for our customers. All our products are are build to meet the goals and requirements of our customers.

To save time and ressources, there will be a detailed consultation to determine the perfect measurement procedures for the desired tasks. By use of our inhouse developed software suite, measurement procedures are more efficient and faster than conventional systems (compare: SMS,SSF,TPP and PMR).

Development and implementation of standardized and customer specific 3D measurement procedures for body shop measurements:

  • Delimit points
  • Alignment of stations
    PMR field test
  • Measure related to CAD
  • Detailed measurement protocollation
  • Robot-Base identification
  • Robot-Tool identification
  • Robot-Workobject calculation

„SMS“ SOLID Measurement Studio

„Developed by practical experiences for practical improvement!“ In the past our team employed multiple types of 3D measurement software packages in multiple construction places all over the world. All of them have their strength and weaknesses, but none matchted our processes and demands perfectly. Time for improvement! SOLID 3D introduced an inhouse developed software kit, the "SOLID Measurement Studio" (SMS), which is perfectly adapted to our demands and processes and emphasizes the useability by an intuitive, customer friendly frontend: "best of all - ready to use"!

Your benefits:

  • Intuitive user guidance even for complex measurement sequences
  • 3D visualisation for the optimal overview
  • Generalisation keeps the structures much clearer as compareble products do;
  • even complex procedures stay manageable
  • Customer specific adjustable – all main functionalities are based on Plug-Ins and
  • can be configured on demand
  • Measurement process optimizations: SSF, TPP and PMR



SOLID Smart Fit

SMART Fit is an extension fo the Best Fit algorithm. The SMART-Fit algorithm empowers us to measure the robots base without knowing the correct TCP. The effort of a SMART-Fit measurment is equal to a normal Best-Fit measurment. The benefit after all ist that the tool does not need to be unmounted, ore one needs to calculate a special measurement TCP. In addition the reflection point of the mirrow will also be available as a tool transformation, which many customers uses to verify the result. This additional information comes with no extra effort.

Position Marking Robot
The stake out modul of SOLID measurment studio automates the steakout process. It can control a mobile robot unit, which approaches each position controled by the laser tracker and marks the points on the floor. Therefore there is a measurment mirror mounted on the robot which will be registered by the laser tracker. This way the robot will be controlled to the target position. The controll process can also determine the robots orientation in order to keept the mirror alligned to the laser tracker. This way points will be approached faster and more accurate compared to manual psitioning. Target Point Projection: TPP is a partially automated steak out process. At first the module sorts the points to keep the ways from one point to the next as short as possible. It automatically recognices already makred points and separates them from the set, this way it is easyer to keep track of the allredy marked points. And finally the tracker will be moved automatically to the next postion after marking. This saves a lot of searching time between the points.  
see our steak out robot at work! Click on the image to start the videp.